All minicomics have print-only content not available elsewhere on this site!

Dirtheads #1:
The first Dirtheads mini also contains "Book Smart/Street Smart", a humor short.
Price: $1.00 US

The second mini in the series also includes a short opinion comic about the Religious Right, horoscopes, and a puzzle, The Dirtoku.
Price: $1.00 US

Dirtheads #3:
The most recent mini includes another opinion piece ("Spiritual, but not Religious") and a short, purely goofy gag ("Heraclitus"). Also the cover is in full color.
Price: $2.00 US

Rappaccini's Daughter:
This mini features my adapatation of the famous Nathaniel Hawthorne short story. All of this mini's content is available in print only.

Larrytown Laffs:
I have two short pieces in this Lawrence, KS-based humor anthology. Also features work by Dale Martin, Andy Hadle, and several other Larrytown cartoonists.